This story begins when Thomas Samuel Warren, a young man born in Romford, Essex, catches the sparkle in the eyes of Lilian, a young lady born in Biggleswade, Bedfordshire, when they meet in the Wooden Bridge pub outside Guildford, in Surrey, England.

And now their story continues, as the surviving siblings of that Warren family, with the collaboration of the cousins, and the network of nieces and nephews, celebrate the joy of family, and what it means to be part of Warren history....

lilWedding of Lilian and Thomas
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certificate of marriage
Certificates of Birth, Death & Marriage

Surnames and Maiden Names

If everyone stayed single, life for the family historian woud be much easier. However, given that people marry and change their surnames, we have decided to stick with the protocol of naming people with the surnames they were born with.

biscuit tin memories


Biscuit Tin Memories

Our Warren history begins with the beginnings of photography. Before this, only the images of those rich enough to have their portraits painted, survived their passing. So families rushed to have their photographic portrait made. But still that survival depended on those images being preserved for posterity in frames and albums and biscuit tins. Now we can do more for our family by saving their words and pictures for all time, and in all places. Our family web site allows everyone to have a copy of every image and story that we find, for ever.